Facilities & Courses

Black River

Small lagoon along the Black River upon which Northwoods Archers clubhouse sits.

Northwoods Archers facilities are located on 84 acres of county land under lease agreement with the Taylor County Parks and Recreation Department. The 30X60 clubhouse was constructed in 2001 along with the lanes for three courses. The clubhouse with kitchenette amenities and restroom facilities is available for a variety of uses such as an outdoor education course or family gathering. Simply contact us at northwoodsarcherswi@gmail.com to reserve this building.

About Our Target Courses

North Course borders Highway 64.
South course which runs along the scenic Black River.

Broken Arrow Lane is a 15-target blacktop course with sand bunks and excelsior elzer bales for broad head shooting. The asphalt course is available for disabled archers.

The sight in range with excelsior  targets is always open to the public.

You will find 60 Rinehart 3-D targets available for Thursday night league and 50-target summer shoots. Northwoods Archers maintains an excellent variety of targets including black cobra, dinosaur, alligator, frog, skunk, jackalope, bobcat, carp, baboon, coyote, cougar, grey wolf, leopard, white mountain goat, turkeys, bears, caribou, 52” and 60” elk, and a moose which stands 6’10” tall with a length of 7’6” wide. We also have several deer, a fallow and bedded elk.

tree stand archer shooting stand

Tree stand in archer course

Targets are set to replicate what an archer would encounter in the woods. The carp is set on water, turkeys or baboons are placed in trees, a crocodile is in the water, skunks and rabbits are placed on logs. Archers will shoot out of four different tower stands and occasionally from turkey blinds. There are also moving targets such as a bear climbing a tree, a running deer or bear and a walking fox or bobcat. There are also string targets set for the archer to stalk his prey. This hunter will start at one stake and walk forward to determine where to shoot at the target. The archer cannot go back and must shoot before reaching the second stake. Targets are set 5 to 50 yards with three different yardage stakes available.

Northwoods Archers range and clubhouse facilities are located on the beautiful Black River in North Central Wisconsin. Travel west of Medford 12 miles on state highway 64, then one quarter mile south on Pirus Road. The physical address is N2314 Pirus Drive, Withee, WI 54498. Our mailing address is PO Box 81, Medford, WI 54451. For more information on anything concerning our organization, please contact us via email at northwoodsarcherswi@gmail.com.

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Map to our location